Faux Fur Fabric

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With the look and feel of fur and the versatility and easy care of synthetics, faux fur fabric has become the go-to foundation for clothing, accessories, and even home écor. Environmentally and ethically conscious, faux fur provides the elegant and luxurious experience of fur without any of the guilt. Even though it is just as warm, soft, and beautiful as the real thing, it is easier to care for, more comfortable to wear, and more affordable than the alternative. All of that makes it the perfect fabric for crafting stylish fall and winter apparel, accessories, and décor.

With our faux fur yardage, you can incorporate faux fur into your own sewing projects. Whether you add just a touch of fur as an accent to a favorite piece or craft one-of-a-kind pieces, our fabrics ensure your projects will have the highest quality materials. Using the same fabrics we use in our coats and accessories, our fabric yardage is perfect for those who enjoy the creativity of sewing. Our most popular faux fur fabrics are available, including Chinchilla, Golden Fox, Mongolian Lamb, and Carved Leopard. This quality faux fur fabric delivers the same durability, softness, and beauty as all of our premium products and is priced per yard.