Faux Fur Rugs

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The perfect addition to any room, our natural-looking faux fur rugs help you define and claim your space with style. With faux hide rugs in authentic shapes and plush area rugs with sumptuously soft pile, you can add texture and drama to your favorite spaces. Whether displayed as the centerpiece decoration in your home office or living room or used to bring life to a foyer sitting area, our unique faux fur rugs are the perfect way to inject personality into your home.

Available in an array of different designs and fabrics, our area and hide rugs give you plenty of ways to transform your home into a showpiece. Our gorgeous area rugs in Mongolian Lamb are sinfully soft, giving your space lush warmth and undeniable style and texture. These rugs are the perfect way to soften the hard edges of an office space or to bring a cozy comfort to your bedroom.

Bold in stark black and white, our zebra hide rugs stand out on hardwood or stone floors, giving an exotic, old-world feel to even the most contemporary rooms. Faux Polar and Black Bear hide rugs are as soft as the real thing, but the mod-acrylic facing and poly suede-like backing ensures you enjoy the easy care of faux. Individually hand-carved shapes and our careful attention to color and texture ensure that your one-of-a-kind pieces bring authentic luxury and warmth to any room.