Women's Sleepwear

Being well-rested often depends on the cultivation of a restful environment; in other words, with the right sleepwear, you can get the sweetest sleep. With Fabulous-Furs’ wide variety of beautiful and comfortable women’s sleepwear, you can finally get the rest you deserve. These pajama sets for women are not only soft, sumptuous, and attractive, but they will impress and dazzle anyone who shares your nightly household.

Our sleepwear collection includes ever-popular fleece robes, perfect for right out of the shower comfort or lounging indoors on a chilly day. You may want to choose from one of the many faux fur robes available, all of which are made from a velvety soft material that is sure to bring a sense of beauty and luxury to each of your relaxing moments. We also offer a variety of pajama sets for women, including super soft women’s flannel pajamas, for classic casual comfort. For those nights you want to spoil yourself, you can even choose from a variety of faux fur eye masks. These masks come in a variety of colors, block out all light, and rest whisper-soft against your face, for the ultimate, luxurious sleep experience. They are designed for use by all shapes and sizes are comfortable enough for all night wear.

From faux fur robes and eye masks to cozy fleece robes or flannel pajamas, our entire sleepwear collection is guaranteed to bring great comfort, relaxation, and, of course, style to your blissful slumber. Pleasant dreams!