Faux Leopard Hide Rug 58 x 93
  • Faux Leopard Hide Rug 58" x 93"

Faux Leopard Hide Rug 58" x 93"

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There's something special about the patterns of spots on Leopard skin. Those splashes of Black and Brown seem erratic, even chaotic at first … but with closer inspection, are more like pieces in an intricate jigsaw puzzle. Our washable Faux Leopard Hide Rug is emblazoned with those same authentic colors and patterns. Each faux hide rug is individually hand-carved with a poly faux suede backing that virtually eliminates the need for a rug pad. This faux animal skin rug is approximately 58" x 93", but as is true in nature — widths vary a bit, typically from 53"-58".

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