Mens Pieced Fox Hooded Faux Fur Jacket

Men's Pieced Fox Hooded Faux Fur Jacket

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Keeping him warm becomes a style statement in a coat as fabulous as this Pieced Fox parka. In one of the most beautiful and authentic furs we've encountered in nearly three decades of obsessing over faux fur, Pieced Fox is a visual feast of color, texture and toning. Black bands of color, softened by shades of Grey and Taupe, are further enhanced with subtle Ivory and Tan tipping. Complementing bands of the palest Grey are blended with soft tonal shades of Taupe and Ivory, then artfully tipped with slightly darker Taupe and Brown, in this luxe, lush Pieced Fox jacket. In the city and on casual ski weekends, he'll silently thank you with each wearing. Matching his rugged good looks, he'll love the thoughtful details: from the mid-thigh length to the hood to European hook closures and cozy velvet pockets.

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