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  1. If I place an order, when do I get charged?
  2. How long does one of these authorizations stay on my account?
  3. Can I use more than one offer code?
  4. Can I sell Fabulous-Furs products online?
  5. Can I use Fabulous-Furs' photography?
  6. Do you offer private labeling?
  7. What are your guidelines regarding paid search terms?
  1. How do I care for my Fabulous-Fur?
  2. My item arrived wrinkled, what can I do?
  3. My pillow form arrived flat, is this normal?
  4. Is faux fur as warm as real fur?
  5. How do I choose a faux fur?
  6. Does faux fur shed?
  1. Have you added more sizes?
  2. Can you customize sleeve and hem lengths?
  3. How do I determine sizing?


If I place an order, when do I get charged?

We receive an authorization from your financial institution as soon as the order is placed. This will immediately affect your available balance. On most credit card accounts, this will be listed as a pending authorization and will most likely be listed on a separate part of your online statement. On a debit card, however, this authorization will look like a charge. Even though the monies are not transferred out of your account until the item is shipped from our warehouse, it will look just like any other charge when you view your online statement.

How long does the authorization stay on my account?

This will vary from one financial institution to another. On most credit cards, the authorization will remain on the account for 7-10 business days. On debit cards, the authorization can remain on the account for as long as 30 days. For an exact time, you can contact your financial institution and they will be able to tell you how long they will hold an authorization.

Can I use more than one offer code?

You may only use one promotion (offer code, keycode, etc.) per order. If you enter a keycode during checkout, that promotion will overwrite the previous offer.

Can I sell Fabulous-Furs products online?

Online selling of items you have inventoried is one of the Fabulous benefits to establishing a Wholesale account. You have the luxury of using our photography while describing and advertising the styles as you wish on your website. Please note that Amazon, eBay or similar websites are not allowed to sell our products. Photography usage guidelines are listed below.

Can I use Fabulous-Furs' photography?

We are happy to share our photography with you. There are just three (3) requirements to do so:

  1. Be an active customer (in good standing).
  2. Only use photography of items and colors you have purchased.
  3. Mark all items at our MSRP (or higher) if you are advertising them on your website.
Contact us today for an application! Our signature approval is required before photography is shared.


Do you offer private labeling?

Private labeling is available for large quantity orders and on a case-by-case basis. Labels must be provided. Please contact us for additional details.

What are your guidelines regarding paid search terms?

Donna Salyers’ Fabulous-Furs, Fabulous-Furs, Fabulous Furs or any brand related terms are never to be bid on as keywords in any paid search network by a merchant, including but not limited to Google Adwords, BING, Overture, etc. This includes all derivatives, misspellings and/or phrases that include trademarked properties. All violators' accounts will be terminated immediately.

Faux Fur

How do I care for my Fabulous-Fur?

It’s easy to care for faux fur. Spot clean with cold water and mild soap. For a thorough cleaning, dry-clean, Pile Method. This means that solvent is used sparingly so fibers remain light and fluffy. Kanecaron, a high-end acrylic fiber, is responsible for the silky touch and high sheen of our fabrics. It’s the lining in apparel items rather than the faux fur that calls for dry cleaning. Most satin linings require pressing to look well, which is difficult because faux fur cannot be exposed to high heat. Highly durable, Kanecaron is heat sensitive! Avoid heat of any kind: a radiator, a hot clothes dryer or hot water.

Our throws, however, may be machine-washed (delicate cycle) in cold water and line dried. Though special storage is unnecessary, our taffeta Garment Bag is a convenient, attractive way to keep your coat dust-free.

My item arrived wrinkled, what can I do?

Faux fur garments can become creased in storage and shipping, but cold water is a quick fix! To remove folds and creases that may occur in shipping: wet a clean wash cloth (dripping wet!) and smooth the fur AGAINST the nap. Brushing the damp pile with a clean pet brush speeds the process! Allow it to dry flat or on a hanger. DO NOT APPLY ANY HEAT! If a crease remains, repeat the process again. Faux fur is much like hair: dampening and smoothing makes a world of difference to its dry state. Watch the video!

My pillow form arrived flat, is this normal?

In order to reduce shipping bulk, the forms for our square pillows are vacuum sealed and packed separate from the cover. Have no fear! With a little fluffing, they easily come to life and expand to full size. Watch the video!

Is faux fur as warm as real fur?

The R-value, how heat retention is measured, of faux fur and animal fur is actually about the same. Individual fibers trap body heat, whether they're fabric fibers or an animal's skin. The warmest coat is full-length for maximum coverage and has dense, long-hair fibers.

How do I choose a faux fur?

Compact, short-hair fabrics such as Sheared Beaver, Mink and Sable are ideal for petites and larger sizes. The faux fur closest to your hair color is usually the most flattering.

In a full-length coat, the most flattering length is a few inches above the ankle, both for warmth and a long visual image. Avoid a coat so long it sweeps the steps. A stroller or knee-length coat over a short or knee-length dress or with boots has a contemporary, fresh look. Generally speaking, mid-length jackets ranging from 28-33” center back are flattering to a majority of people. Providing warmth and covering the asset most of us wish covered, this length category appeals to most. Petites like me (Donna, nearly 5’2”), shorter jackets, 20-24” are flattering, but may not provide the warmth and coverage a very cold climate requires.

Color is important! The faux fur closest to the wearer's hair color is usually the most flattering. After slipping on a coat in the right color, often it's abundantly clear in the way the skin and hair light up and harmonize with the fur tones. In our showroom, we've watched thousands of women try on coat after coat and discover the fabric closest to one's hair color is the most flattering. Contrasts, however, such as Ivory Mink and dark skin or black hair, can also be dramatic and stunning.

Besides color, consider pile length and density. Compact, short-hair fabrics such as Mink, Sable and Leopard are ideal for all body types, especially petites and larger sizes. Black Mink and Sable, with vertical pelt lines, create slimming and elongating illusions. This is especially perfect for those customers who prefer minimal bulk. Couture fabrics like Onyx Mink and Mahogany Mink have a ruching technology that creates a flattering, more fitted silhouette. The touch and texture of these Couture fabrics surely make them best-sellers. Longer-haired furs like Russian Lynx, Northern Fox and Tibetan Lamb add warmth and create a dramatic look for a fun personality. Need something for a more casual look or warmer climate? Try our Shearlings and Leather options. All fabulously faux, these fur-lined beauties will surely catch your customers' eyes.

With more than 30 beautiful fabrics in our Signature Series, Limited Edition and Couture Collections, we have any fur texture and color to match a living room, den, bedroom or cozy outdoor space. Our Throws are not only functional but a must-have for any area. Don't forget to mention our Pillows and Poufs that add texture and style. Once your customers feel our furs, they won't leave without taking one home!

Does faux fur shed?

A bit of shedding is to be expected with faux fur. Any shedding is likely to be residual and diminishes after a garment is worn a few times. We suggest brushing your faux fur from time to time to keep it looking its best and to expel excess fibers.


More plus sizes and petite sizes

There’s no such thing as average, so we’ve added more sizes. Expect to see all designs in a full size array of XS-3X, not just S-XL.

While we don’t have petite sizing, Donna Salyers who is under 5'2" and weighs less than 100 pounds wears a size XS.

At the other end of the spectrum, 2X and 3X are now offered in all women's styles at the same price!

Can you customize sleeve and hem lengths?

Due to high volume, we can no longer do any customization. We apologize for any inconvenience.

How do I determine sizing?

Use the size charts here to determine size. Our Wholesale Team members are happy to supply you with actual garment measurements to help guide you.

Question Not Answered Here?

If your question is not answered above, please contact our Wholesale Division who will gladly provide assistance. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, 9AM until 5PM EST.