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Donna Salyers Fabulous-Furs

The Fab Report


I know most of you have met the wholesale team at trade shows but ever wonder who else makes all the fabulous products arrive at your store?

The One That Started It All... Donna

From dreaming up the next best thing, talking to magazine editors and even tending to our office cats, this woman does everything! After 26 years, Donna still comes into work everyday with so much enthusiasm. She is still involved with every aspect of the company and here you can see her in our cutting and sewing room!

Warehouse Warriors

A lot of you ask where we ship out of and most are surprised by our answer. Covington, Kentucky (right across the border from Ohio) is our headquarters and our warehouse is basically right underneath our office. 60% of our Fabulous products are assembled right here in Kentucky! In the picture you can see Santana, wholesale's right hand man. He is THE guy that makes sure your packages go out in time!

If you ever need a different size in your favorite vest, Tina is the one that sends you the correct fit. In charge of returns and exchanges, you will often see her smiling like the picture. Even though I just pointed out two people in our warehouse, believe me there are even more people in the warehouse helping out.

Last, but Certainly Not Least

Us wholesalers have a knack for styling all of your favorite pieces but designing is a whole different ball game. Kristin, one of our lead designers, is seen here sketching our favorite Horizontal Stroller. Not only does she design our animal print clothing, she also designed the Cincinnati BenGAL faux fur coats they wear during the winter games.

Caroline McCracken
Wholesale Coordinator

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