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Lemur Hooded Faux Fur Jacket
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Confession of a former fur snob!

By: Jane from TX      Submitted: 12/29/2016


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Overall Your Review Wow! What a beautiful jacket. When I was a young, I was friends with a Furrier here in Dallas. He taught me to love and wear genuine fur. My last mink stroller went to the Cowboys Against Cancer auction two years ago, but I missed having a fur. After seeing this jacket online, I thought why not. I'd sure never buy genuine Lemur. The jacket is every bit a beautiful as genuine fur! I could not be more impressed. The texture and quality are exceptional. Buy it! You will love it. The jacket does have a loose fit. I could have worn a medium. If you don't want a boxy look, consider a size down from the one the size chart suggests. However, genuine furs are usually boxy. (I should know. I've worn them since I was 16.)