Item Reviews for: Men's Spotted Wolf Hooded Faux Fur Coat  -  14433 SPTWLF
Men's Spotted Wolf Hooded Faux Fur Coat
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By: Christian of New York      Submitted: 11/14/2019


Overall Your Review Loved the look of this coat in the "spotted wolf" so $400 for a faux fur I thought ?? but took a chance and ended up loving this coat and very impressed with the quality! Sizes seem accurate too, got a couple of inches larger since its a thick coat. I'm a 48 chest but got the 2XL and the fit was perfect, nice and roomy for warm clothes underneath. Extremely heavy and well constructed, easily the weight of a full authentic fur and just as warm (with no worries of fur storage in summer which I've had to do with a Tanuki Raccoon coat I had) so perfect for the most frigid of temps this winter. Beautifully lined inside with company logo on faux satin, black velvet lined hood and pockets. Looks and feels much more expensive than you pay. A really fashion fun and awesome looking coat, will get noticed in a good way. The only thing I could find needed improvement were the closure hooks. I guess they wanted them invisible for this coat style but they are very awkward to handle and buried deep in the fur pile so very difficult to find and work with your fingers. You have to search and find them first, then hook into the tiny ring on the other side and the opposite side ring is even tinier! Leave yourself at least 15 minutes extra to try and find these hook and eye metal closures and actually secure them and they are SO surrounded by the high pile fur, I feel I'm ripping and pulling out the fur getting these to work. Bad closure design on a beautifully done coat, so frustrating. Large simple buttons for a coat of this price point and quality would have been more appreciated but I love the coat so much I will continue to deal with this inconvenience. I would definitely buy again from Fabulous Furs and have my eye on another of their coats when I get the money, lol Purchase with confidence at least with this coat if you can deal with that silly hook and eye closure design, the look and quality are there! Will enjoy this coat very much this winter and holiday season. Wore it with a black velvet Armani shirt, jeans and Mark Nason boots the other night when it was 20 degrees out and I was warm and runway ready! Love it