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Icelandic Fox Faux Fur Pull-Through Wrap
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What Potential !

By: Jody      Submitted: 1/11/2020


Overall Your Review I ordered the Icelandic Fox Fur Wrap to wear to a special dinner party in a chilly restaurant. When it arrived I wasn't sure about it at first. It seemed too narrow and a bit short , but after brushing, fluffing and shaking it, I put it on and felt quite glamorous! At the party, everywhere I turned people were complimenting it , and it was perfect to warm those chills , but … for 3 1/2 hours I did nothing but try to keep it on. It slipped out of the cross slit and off my shoulders at the slightest move, even at the dinner table. I'm a regular customer, LOVE Fabulous Furs and I've been waiting for a wrap like this in fox for years (in golden or red fox too? Wow!) But this is not quite ready for prime time. PLEASE give it another inch or two in length and width, and above all, give it a few sturdy fur clips that won't undo too easily. A velvet or soft faux suede lining may help it stay placed. If you do, count on my purchase of every fur type you make, because I love this idea. Front page style! The Icelandic Fox is gorgeous … I DID like all those compliments!