Item Reviews for: Leopard Knit Sweater Duster with Faux Fur Collar  -  16149 LEO
Leopard Knit Sweater Duster with Faux Fur Collar
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Exquisite and Quality

By: Lisa Lane      Submitted: 10/6/2020


Overall Your Review Being tall, (5’10”) the one thing I always wonder is... what part of the leg is the hem going to land at. The leopard duster showed up at my door step sooner than I expected. The weight of the product had me excited and what I saw through the plastic wrap put a smile on my face! The test would be to put it on for length and fit. Omgoodness! It hit my ankles!!! The sleeve length was GENEROUS!! They were LONG!! And the overall fit was also generous!!! Simply SATISFYING!!! What a BEAUTIFUL product!!! I cannot wait for the MN weather to turn Cooler so I can be the Bell of the Ball! I HIGHLY APPRECIATE and RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!!!