Donna Salyers

Our Story


Our brand began with a passion for animals, needle, thread, and the belief that cruelty-free fashion could be achieved. More than 30 years ago, after sewing a luxurious faux fur coat for herself, Donna Salyers designed a sewing kit so others could do the same. Success followed passion and excellence, and Donna launched an exciting new era for the faux fur industry.

At Donna Salyers Fabulous-Furs, we remain loyal to the true craftsmanship that goes into creating our products. Our fabrics and materials are carefully selected to ensure the finest luxury faux furs. Our faux furs are made of the most natural looking, visually and texturally exquisite textiles, created in the best mills. Over 60% of our merchandise is handcrafted in our workroom and made in the USA. All products withstand a rigorous 20-point quality inspection and assurance. Every piece in our collection receives personal attention, from the design table to the sewing room, from our hands to yours.

With customers in 46 countries and sold by Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Gorsuch and other luxury boutiques and hotels throughout the country, we have set a benchmark for quality in today’s faux fur market. Fabulous-Furs have appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Today Show, Miss USA/Universe, The View, CSI Las Vegas, Gossip Girl and many other TV shows. Donna has been profiled in People Magazine and twice in the Wall Street Journal and honored for community service by countless organizations.

Donna and her husband Jim reside in Southgate, KY, thrilled that their two married children and four grandchildren live happily nearby.