Questions About Faux Fur

It’s easy to care for your faux fur coat. Spot clean with cold water and mild soap. For a thorough cleaning, Dry-Clean, Pile Method. This means that solvent is used sparingly so fibers remain light and fluffy. Our high-end acrylic fiber, is responsible for the silky touch and high sheen of our fabrics. It’s the lining rather than the faux fur that calls for dry cleaning. Most satin linings require pressing to look well, which is difficult because faux fur cannot be exposed to high heat. DO NOT APPLY HEAT OF ANY KIND! Do not iron, place on a radiator, use a hot clothes dryer or hot water!

Our throws, however, may be machine-washed (delicate cycle) in cold water and line dried. Though special storage is unnecessary, Our Leopard Print Garment Bag is a convenient, attractive way to keep your coat dust-free. Avoid storing your Fabulous-Fur in plastic.

Faux fur garments can become creased in storage and shipping, but cold water is a quick fix! To remove folds and creases that may occur in shipping: wet a clean wash cloth (dripping wet!) and smooth the fur AGAINST the nap. Brushing the damp pile with a clean pet brush speeds the process! Allow it to dry flat or on a hanger. DO NOT APPLY ANY HEAT! If a crease remains, repeat the process again. Faux fur is much like hair: dampening and smoothing makes a world of difference to its dry state. An exception to the rule of brushing out your fur is Tibetan Lamb. Tibetan Lamb is a curly or wavy fabric that should be not be brushed. Use a clean pick to help recover this fabric.

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In order to reduce shipping bulk, the forms for our square pillows are vacuum sealed and packed separate from the cover. Have no fear! With a little fluffing, they easily come to life and expand to full size.

The R-value, how heat retention is measured, of faux fur and animal fur is actually about the same. Individual fibers trap body heat, whether they're fabric fibers or an animal's skin. The warmest coat is long for maximum coverage and has dense, long-hair fibers.

Compact, short-hair fabrics such as Sheared Beaver, Mink and Sable are ideal for petites and larger sizes. The faux fur closest to your hair color is usually the most flattering.

In a full-length coat, the most flattering length is a few inches above the ankle, both for warmth and a long visual image. Avoid a coat so long it sweeps the steps. A stroller or knee-length coat over a short or knee-length dress or with boots has a contemporary, fresh look. Generally speaking, mid-length jackets ranging from 28-33” center back are flattering to a majority of people. Providing warmth and covering the asset most of us wish covered, this length category appeals to most. Petites like me (Donna, nearly 5’2”), shorter jackets, 20-24” are flattering, but may not provide the warmth and coverage a very cold climate requires.

Color is important. Slip on YOUR color and often it’s abundantly clear in the way your skin and hair light up and harmonize with the fur tones. In our showroom, we’ve watched thousands of women try on coat after coat and discover the fabric closest to one’s hair color is most flattering. Contrasts, however, such as White Mink with dark skin or black hair, can be dramatic and stunning.

Besides color, consider pile length and density. Black Mink, with narrow 2" pelts that create a vertical, flattering illusion, is perfect for both petite and full-figured women who prefer minimal bulk.

The length question is easy. A coat as long as possible provides warmth AND a long visual image. A coat falling a few inches above the ankle generally looks good without sweeping the steps. In our showroom, shoppers often assume a jacket will be less bulky than a coat. They're pleasantly surprised, however, to discover the longer illusion created by a full-length coat is more flattering than a jacket.

Choose what’s best for YOU. Sable works well with dark hair. Conversely, Sable is often perfect for blondes and here’s why. Sable has a lovely sheen that reflects light back to the face, explaining why, regardless of hair color, Sable is our most wearable fabric. If you're concerned with the bulk of a faux fur coat, Black Mink is for you. If black is too harsh for your pale winter complexion, a scarf at the neckline may be a flattering solution.

Finally, what about style? The open neckline of a shawl collar has a lavish, luxurious feel. A standup collar, which can be worn open or closed thanks to boning hidden inside, is a warmer option and offers a longer vertical illusion. If your wardrobe leans towards pants and short skirts, a stroller is a great option.

Bottom line: the color and style that lifts your spirit, feels good and keeps you fabulously warm is YOUR COAT.

Though all our faux furs have a wonderful touch, the fabrics in our Couture Collection are extra-soft and luxurious.

A bit of shedding is to be expected with faux fur. Any shedding is likely to be residual and diminishes after a garment is worn a few times. We suggest brushing your faux fur from time to time to keep it looking its best and to expel excess fibers.

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Questions About Sizing

Donna Salyers Fabulous-Furs is size inclusive. We proudly offer Women’s sizes XS-3X. Our women’s sizing fit women sized 4-22. We didn’t forget about the men! Our Men’s sizing ranges from M-5X, fitting men’s chest size 38-64. Need more detail on determining your best fit, click here to view our detailed size chart.

We do not offer customization. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Use our size charts here to determine your correct size. Our Customer Service agents are also happy to supply you with actual garment measurements to help guide you.

Questions About Shipping

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More information can be found on our Shipping and Returns page.

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